SkyRise Chicago 2019


Team Alex

While flying home from a family trip on May 7, 2013, Alex suffered what was later determined to be a stroke. The stroke left him paralyzed on his left side. Alex had just turned 4. Alex spent 7 weeks at Advocate Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn. During that time, Alex worked with the therapists to relearn how to hold his head up and chew. As weeks went on, he relearned new skills. When he left the hospital, he was able to walk a few steps. 

In September 2013, Alex was presented "pediatric rehabilitation patient of the year" award at Advocate Christ Hospital. The staff of 15 therapists vote was unanimous. Alex was the youngest patient at the time to win the award. Colleen Mastony, Chicago Tribune reporter, wrote a wonderful piece about Alex that was in the Sept 25, 2013 Chicago Tribune Health section. Copy the link below to read the article.

Today, Alex is 10 years old and will be his fouth year doing the climd. Climbing the stairs is part of his continues therapy. In the past he attended the RIC CIMT (constraint-induced movement therapy) summer camp at the downtown campus. After seeing a video of people climbing the Willis Tower stairs, he turned to everyone and said he was going to do that. His goal this year is to bet his time of 35 minutes.

Team Alex is made of family, friends, teachers, and therapists. Please help make Alex’s goal of climbing the Willis Tower a reality and help spread the word about Pediatric Stoke. Stroke remains among the top 10 causes of death in children.

SkyRise Chicago 2019, tackling the planet’s highest indoor tower climb at the Willis Tower to raise funds for the nation's best rehabilitation hospital, according to US News and World Report – the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, formerly known as the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC)!

SRALAB provides world-class rehabilitation care to thousands of patients for traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, stroke and cancer recovery, and more. The funds raised through SkyRise Chicago 2019 will directly support advances in patient care and cutting-edge research at SRALAB.

SkyRise Chicago is truly a special event. It’s the only tower climb in the world to offer two modes of participation - by foot up the Willis Tower stairs and via stationary hand-cycling the equivalent distance uphill. These options give anyone, no matter their level of ability, the opportunity to participate.

Help us as we challenge ourselves physically and mentally to complete the climb and support SRALAB, a not-for profit hospital organization. Your donation will help SRALAB continue to provide patients with world-class care for the brightest possible future.


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