SkyRise Chicago 2016

Team Andrew

On Christmas Day in 2013, my husband Andrew Bordeman experienced a major seizure as a result of long battle with brain cancer. The seizure left Andrew partially paralyzed on his left side. In January of 2014, Andrew spent a month as an in-patient at RIC Chicago and every day, with the assistance of a dedicated team of physical and occupational therapists, he learned how to walk again. He continued to participate in day rehabilitation at RIC Willowbrook and worked with Stacey Lane and Emillie Asuncion to continue to refine his skills to function independently. The team at RIC Willowbrook was instrumental in my husband’s life and they provided an endless amount of support and encouragement for him throughout his journey. He worked tirelessly and was determined to “get better.” Stacey and Emillie harnessed Andrew’s enthusiasm and set goals for him to achieve, thus improving his quality of life. I am so utterly proud to say that in November of 2014, my husband completed the Skyrise Stair Climb up the Willis Tower after just having re-learned to walk. Thank you to Stacey and Emillie for helping Andrew with such an amazing accomplishment.

The staff and institution of RIC were so influential in my husband’s recovery and we would like to give back to show our appreciation. In Andrew’s memory and to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of his passing we are participating in the Skyrise Stair Climb up the Willis Tower on Sunday, November 6th, 2016 to financially support RIC and all of its programs. We invite you to join our team or donate in honor of Andrew Bordeman (Password: Welcome1)

The Bordeman Family thanks you for your support.

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