SkyRise Chicago 2016



For the third year Fenwick will be the only high school in the Chicago area to send a team up the Willis Tower. The last two years our team has included FENWICK friends, faculty/staff, students, mothers and fathers, and alumni. Last year our Fenwick team raised almost $10,000 to become the fifth highest team in donations. Our team is adding new members everyday, starting to collect donations, and training for the November 6th event.  Please support the individuals on our team. Their commitment to training and collecting donations for the Rehab Institute of Chicago, RIC, is exemplary. All the members of the team are challenging themselves. Make a donation to any member of the team, or to the Fenwick Team. Anything is possible if you try.

Current Team

Teachers- Tom Draski, Bridget Kancler, Rizelle Capito, Kevin Roche, Dan Rodde, Cindy Jones, Liz Timmons

Students- Emily Seyfarth '18, Dan Anaya '19, Alexis Attard '19, Molly Griffin '18, Kelsey Sullivan '17, Abby Weber '17, Caroline Eckhoff '17, Harper Daniels '19, Thalia Ortiz '19, Mauri Martinez '19, Charlie Stack '20

Alumni- Brian Roche '03

Fenwick Parents- Diana Anaya, Beth Jensen, Chris Ritten, Carol Fox, Zoila Ortiz, Carolina Monroy, Liliana Martinez, Brenda Diaz

 Friends- Elmer Sweet, Emily Ortiz, Kellie Atkins


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