SkyRise Chicago 2016

2015 Steiner Stair Steppers
2015 Steiner Stair Steppers

Steiner Stair Steppers

Hi friends and family, 

The Steiner clan is once again climbing the 103 flights of the Sears Tower to support the Rehab Institute of Chicago. RIC is an amazing facility that provides rehabilitation and medical services to patients world wide. For years, they treated our Uncle Bill, he was a quadriplegic and always appreciated the care he received at RIC. He felt they truly understood his unique injury and made a personal plan tailored specifically  to help him improve. Our Uncle Bill never let his injury prevent him from living life to the fullest. All of us have memories of him always with a smile on his face playing another prank or driving his nieces and nephews around on his wheelchair. His injury never slowed him down and to this day he is one of the most inspirational people that all of us were fortunate enough to know. After Billy was in his accident our Grandma and Uncle Bobby were there to help with his care. Bobby, Billy and Grandma lived together for several years and really were a great support system for each other, all helping each other in different ways. 2012 and 2013 were difficult years for our family, we lost grandma in October 2012, Billy in May of 2013 and Bobby in August. The following year we decided we would climb the Sears tower to support an organization that once helped to support our family. We climb in memory of our Grandma, Uncle Billy and Uncle Bob. If we can help someone else the way RIC helped Billy, I know they would all be honored. Please help us reach our goal and contribute to a wonderful organization.



The Steiner Family

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