Registration & Fundraising Requirements

To register, choose a type below:

Climber, Hand Cyclist, or Virtual Climber

Individual | Start Team | Join Team

Corporate Sponsor Participant

Individual | Start Team | Join Team

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Patient/Family

Individual | Start Team | Join Team

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Employee

Individual | Start Team | Join Team

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Board Member

Individual | Start Team | Join Team

Willis Tower Tenant

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Fundraising Requirments

Individual participant

  • Registration fee: $65
  • Early bird registration: $55 (Discount available through August 31st)
  • Minimum donation: $150

 Raise $1,500 or more and you will receive custom SkyRise Chicago Gear!

Team Requirements

Each team member must register as an individual participant and pay the $65 registration fee.

Team minimum donation: $3000
Team minimum donation amount is based on a team maximum of 20 participants*

*All teams, regardless of size, must raise at least $3000. 
To accommodate requests for teams larger than 20 participants, if your team has greater than 20 participants then your team’s donation minimum increases by $150 per additional team member. Example: a team of 25 will have a minimum donation amount of $3750
Teams are guaranteed a start time together and will receive a SkyRise Chicago team photo.