About Willis Tower & SkyDeck Chicago

About Willis Tower

Willis Tower is the premier corporate office building in Chicago, home to more than 100 companies including prominent law, insurance, transportation and financial services. The iconic building is the second tallest in the Western Hemisphere, encompassing more than 4.5 million square feet. Learn more at willistower.com

About Skydeck Chicago

The Skydeck Chicago is located on the Willis Tower’s 103rd floor and includes The Ledge, a glass viewing platform. The Ledge transforms how visitors experience Chicago. At 1,353 feet up, The Ledge’s glass boxes extend out 4.3 feet from the skyscraper’s Skydeck on the 103rd floor, providing never-before-seen views of the city. The Skydeck attracts more than 1.6 million visitors per year. Learn more at theskydeck.com.

Willis Tower Facts

  • Willis Tower is located at 233 S. Wacker Drive in the heart of Chicago's financial district.
  • The building houses some of the city’s largest corporations covering the financial services, legal and insurance industries.
  • The Willis Tower's 4.56 million gross square feet would cover 105 acres if spread across one level, roughly the equivalent of 16 city blocks in Chicago.
  • Within the building, there are 25 miles of plumbing, 1,500 miles of electric wiring, 80 miles of elevator cable and 145,000 light fixtures.
  • The tower weighs more than 222,500 tons and cost more than $175 million to construct.
  • The structural framing consists of steel columns and beams in a “mega-module” system consisting of nine modules.
  • The building features a high-speed 104-car elevator system divided into three zones for efficient transportation.
  • The Ledge, four glass-bottomed, enclosed balconies that extend 4.3 feet to the west, providing unobstructed views—1,353 feet straight down—over Wacker Drive and the Chicago River.
  • On a clear day, Willis Tower’s highest office views reach into four states, or 50 miles.